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Biotech Buys is a website which is dedicated to providing an in-depth analysis of publicly traded companies within the biotechnology industry who have upcoming FDA events and deadlines.  

These analyses will dive deep into the company's history, their drug pipeline, current drug developments, upcoming events, financial standings, and more.  If there are any companies you would like to see coverage for that are not already completed, feel free to reach out and request a write up on a specific company and address any concerns you might have.  


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We know that at Biotech Buys, it is often difficult trying to decide which biotechnology stock to add to your portfolio.  We want to make the analysis, break down, and forecast of a company easily accessible to you.  If you would like coverage on a company not listed, please feel free to reach out. 

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Mission Statement


We realize that the biotechnology industry can be a daunting challenge for many new and experienced investors.  Stemming from a background in both the finance and science industries, we will provide an in-depth, thorough analysis of not only companies, but focus the topics around upcoming FDA events.  Whether we have a company pushing a drug through a Phase I trial or awaiting the results of a PDUFA submission, we will gather all the relevant facts and information surround the events and present it in a clear, concise manner in which you will be able to make your own investment decisions off of.

The science behind drug development and producing a functional medical device is complicated.  We seek to remove the barrier between the average investor and the complexities of science to even the playing field between institutional investors who have researchers compiling data for them, and the average investor making trades on his spare time.  While we provide no direct investment advice, we will provide all the information you will need to decide if the investment makes sense for your risk tolerance and investor profile.